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Monday, July 2, 2012

Space Guys With Broomsticks

    The second project (all right, the third really, the second was a set of cavalry matrices for a client) I was able to wrap up this week was the second set of space guys for the Red Cross donations. Every good space opera game needs Space Guys with Broomsticks or, more eloquently, Space Kendo Masters and Student.

    You've seen the old guy before in a post.

    The student has made appearances in a couple of comparison shots at TMP.

    The caped master was finished this week.

    This guy will be cast as two parts; the main body and the cape. The heat is playing merry hell with the museum putty so the cape isn't set completely in place, but you get the idea.

    I'll add a donation button at the Space Pals for Red Cross page when these are actually available.


Matt said...

Totally awesome! I've got to get my hand on those sculpts!

Don said...


brutpaul said...

Fantastic! I love'em!!!

Dan said...

Brilliant, just brilliant, great work Rodrick.