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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Remounts for All

    After the last flurry of sculpting I settled down to finish up several more pieces that have been on the table a while. The next master mold will include remounts for several projects.

    The first is a new pony for the Goblin Factory halfling cavalry. Taking a 15mm horse and modifying it slightly really didn't give satisfactory results. So a new sculpt was commissioned.

    The halfling on the left is on the original pony. The center is on the work in progress sculpt. The horse on the right is a standard 28mm horse for size comparison. The new sculpt is slightly larger and more in synch with the style of the halflings. Hopefully it will be a good replacement.

    The start of the second project was blogged several months ago. I want a series of 15mm horses to be used in future projects that require mounts. This is another WIP shot. The legs have a general shape and the bases have been added.

    The plan is to do a series of 12 horses. Three standing, three walking, three running and three in some other extreme poses. Maybe rearing, jumping, whatever. I'll put each set on a production mold for sale as plain horses and for use in other projects that require tack and harness.

    The last set of remounts is for the Space: 1889 line. I've added basic tack and harness to the gashant for the British and Martian cavalry.

    I'm sculpting an accessory sprue that will have a rifle boot, canteen and a couple of other bags that can be glued in place wherever the customer desires. Due to mold issues with the thickness of the gashant and the thinness of the sprue, the accessories will probably be added to the rider packs.

    The latest series of Space: 1889 ebooks has a bit more on the gashant. It suggests that they have claws in the wild that are removed by more civilized folk when the beasts are young to make them easier to handle. So there is also a sprue with claws planned that will be added to the Hill Martian cavalry packs. These will have a socket that glues onto the existing stubs. It's not a perfect solution, but it minimizes mold making problems and  extra costs.


Allison M. said...

Those "gashant" would make good mounts for the Harook, if you know what those are :)

Clive G said...

Do the production gashants have molded bridles etc, or are they totally nekkid? And do you have production plans yet for the furniture sprues?


Rodrick Campbell said...

Clive, the gashant on the site right now are without any tack, etc. The guys in this post do have the tack and harness. They should be ready to sell sometime next month. I'm hoping for Fall In. There is also a sprue of additional bags, saddle boot and canteen that will go into a separate product code with the add-on claws for the gashant front limbs. Again, hopefully ready for Fall In.

Clive G said...

Hi, me again!
Did those sprues ever get off the workbench? I do have a vague recollection of reading somewhere that the add-on claws didn't really work for you (and so you'd dropped the idea), but that could be my fevered imagination. I only as as it would be an easy way to differentiate my hill martian mounts.

Hope things are working out for you anyway.
All the best,