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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oriental Goblin Opp-force - Goblin Ninjas

     I'm just posting a short notice that the Goblin Ninjas I sculpted for The Goblin Factory were delivered to me at Historicon. These are for use in 28mm gaming and come unpainted and unassembled. There is a sword that will need to be glued to each figure and a quiver to add to the archer.

     There are six different figures, each with a different weapon.

     The set sells for $12 and is available from the shop at Highlander Studios.

Buy goblin ninjas here.

     The other oriental goblin sets and the BFRs are also available from the same page. Thanks for looking and happy gaming!

1 comment:

Lee B said...

Is there a time-frame for releasing the old Goblin Factory products? I would like to see them against Splintered Light 20mm line.