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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Ape Man Cometh and the Return of Zeke and Mitch

     These past few days have been really good for getting sculpting done. I'm feeling better and there aren't a lot of travel or family plans on the near horizon. I still have one commission to finish for tomorrow so it can go to the mold maker, one to be wrapped up by mid August and three more for the end of August, but it's good to have work and to be almost on schedule.

     I also get to work on new Space:1889 figures this month. I'll be wrapping up the Hill Martian command, the London adventurers and hopefully the British command. I need to make some time to finish the 1/1000 scale airships as well. I'll have enough printed pieces from various projects near the end of October to justify the cost of a low temperature mold.

     This week so far has seen the completion of some more zombies for the ATZ Indiegogo campaign. I've also been working on the Hell Divers parts for Harold at Clear Horizons. Those get wrapped up tonight and delivered tomorrow.

     Crawling zombie. I'll probably do another that is crouching.

     Mitch from the rednecks set has returned from the dead.

     So has his buddy Zeke. He's the smart zombie with the shotgun for the ATZ campaign. The last two zombies for this series will be Darla and Robbie. Friends of mine have been after me for years to make zombie versions of the rednecks.

     Another project that was completed this week was the Ape Man set for my Victoria! (formerly Victoriana) line. The ape man was completed last night.

     He's loosely based on the Frazetta painting.

     More recognizable now?

     I'm adding a big ape to the set. For no other reason than I wanted to sculpt a big ape.

     The final piece is another that has been seen here before.

     The nekkid woman from the painting.

     As seen from the painting's perspective.

     It's always exciting to wrap up projects and finally get them cast. I'm looking forward to the next month's work.


Mr. Harold said...

Awesome stuff... I really like the big ape... that'd make a great yeti for my snow campaigns...

Jay said...

I'll get that ape for sure! Maybe two!

Lee B said...

Awesome "upright" pulp Ape, would love to see a second with a grappling or punching pose!

Darren said...

Excellent stuff! I had to check your website to make sure the Victoria! range was not 28mm. Great sculpting. That ape is the best I've seen.