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Thursday, June 9, 2011

15mm Space Pals

I started these right after the bounty hunter. But between Nashcon and two backlogged commissions I didn't get to work on them much more until yesterday.

I still need to do a little final cleanup and reworking the connection of the bow after everything cures. The bow itself is a separate piece to ease mold making and casting. The support wire will be the gate and sprue.

It looks like I'll be sharing a bit of space with the Goblin Factory at Historicon. I was breathing pretty easy after finishing the overdue work until I realized that Historicon is a bit earlier in July than usual. So now I'm under the gun again to get new work to the mold maker; hopefully in time to have some new product for the show. Well, see...


Brother Joseph said...

I had THAT Poster when I was a kid.
You Done GOOD Bro!

Dan said...

They're a hundred times better them mine, just awesome.

Eli Arndt said...

Amazing stuff. Will we be able to purchase them and the bounty hunter?

Eli Arndt said...
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Rodrick Campbell said...

Eli, Check the TMP post for distribution details. Or at least all the details I can provide right now.

Dan, I expect when you have 2400-2500 figures under your belt you'll be damned good. I've enjoyed seeing your work progress over the few figures you've shared with us. I look forward to seeing many more.


Ray Rousell said...

Great work!

randomfacts said...

Nice detial in them!

Brutorz Bill said...


Anonymous said...

I've just been trying to go to your site. Is it down?
Are you still selling these Bounty Hunters and the Space1889 figures?
Thank you

Rodrick Campbell said...

Thanks. I forgot to renew it this week. It should be up and running within an hour or two.

For interest in Space Pals contact me directly at highlanderstudio (at) comcast (dot) net.