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Monday, June 13, 2011

Space: 1889 - Mars Expeditionary Force

I wrapped up the first of the Mars Expeditionary Force last night.

He's only a test sculpt to try out some ideas, but he'll probably find a place in the unit packs as a light support weapon.

I've outfitted him with a breathing mask and goggles and the latest Martini-Simmons Quick-firing rifle.

Work has been a bit slower on these than I was hoping, but I have the American adventurers almost complete. The set will include a large armored guy, a female adventurer, a dumpy professor/ inventor and Custer. Yeah, I know he died earlier than 1889. But what if he ended up on Mars for the battle of the Little Big Horn Canal instead?

You've seen this guy before.

The Wilderness adventurers will include natural scientists Mr. and Mrs. Pitts, Quatermain and Stanley.

I've also decided on some London dwellers to include: Mr. Holmes, Ms Harker, and Phileas and Rebecca Fogg.

All are still subject to approval from Mr. Chadwick. I'll be sending him photos as the work is completed.


Tony said...

I questioned the 15mm scale when I first read about it, but these look very good.


Evyn MacDude said...


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