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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Space Bug Flamer

The flame thrower bug is ready to go.

It was another fairly simple conversion. I chopped down the SAW and added the nozzle and striker.

I'm still working out the casting issues with the other two, but here are a few intermediate photos.

I like the simple tube for the AAM and went with the Battletech SRM 2 look for the ATM.

I'll add some view/ range finder blocks and a stabilizer bar of some sort for the second hand.

I want to avoid making these two-part models, so I'll probably end up putting a thin web between the tube and body of each. End users will need to trim it out with and x-acto. Or not. I'm also concerned with the way the jump packs will fit down over the carapace. We'll see what happens.


Jake said...

Looking good.


sureshaker said...
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sureshaker said...

Looking Good!
I hope they're arriving soon! My Formicidae need their help.