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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gashant mock-up

I've been sculpting personalities all week and wanted to take a break. So I put together the mock-up for the first gashant.

The rider is just an armature I posed and tacked on for scaling.

I'm going for a more aggressive look to the gashants. Some of the artwork I've found is pretty lame and doesn't do them justice as steeds for Martian steppe lords.

I've put the standing figure next to it for size comparison. I'm thinking the neck may be a little long, but that may change as it is bulked out and the frills are added.

I'm almost finished with the American personalities. I have two to wrap up today. I finished one last night.

"Professor" Benjamin Willoughby. He was originally going to be an inventor type, but he morphed into a less savory character while I was sculpting him. These things happen sometimes.


Brother Joseph said...

That looks like it is going to be a fun model.
Call me when you are dead...lol.

Rodrick Campbell said...

Some of us have to sculpt, Joe. ;p

Brother Joseph said...

Yeah, I think I am about to get serious with the putty again.

I have sort of been in a little stent of self reexamination. I had a doctors appointment this month and he told me that I am doing better with my little health issues, and I have been working out more, and doing some more research into my diet.

I have also been revealing in my tiny accomplishments with these Masters in hand. I have invested a good bit of time (to much perhaps) considering all of the models I am going to be able to get started by using these metal copies of my work for the Armatures.

The good news in this regard is that I can get the next set of miniatures done faster by going with The Heavy Conversion approach.

I am getting back into The Sculpting Chair again...