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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Something old, something new...

First the old. The gashant doll went to the mold maker yesterday morning. Here's the completed pic.

He's looks a little large, but I'll wait and see the actual casts with a completed Hill Martian on him before I carve him up.

In this photo he doesn't look quite so big and he didn't seem to be in real life either. Worst case scenario is that I use him for a singular pack leader and make smaller guys for the rest. We'll see.

The new... I met a client at Nashcon who was interested in having some soccer figures made. I've finished the test sculpt and obtained permission to share a photo here.

This figure was a great stretch for me in two ways. First, it's 28mm which is a bit larger than my usual fare. Second, I haven't done any real sports figures. Ever. It was nice to spread my wings a bit.

There are a few stylized areas, of course. One of the client's requests was that the front and back of the torso not have too many folds. He wants customers to be able to paint logos, stripes, whatever easily. It also gives a broad flat expanse for the application of decals.

You'll also notice that the neck/ post is a bit long. This was intentional so the head could fit into several different torsos. Any extra length can be easily trimmed off.I figured it was better to have a little extra on it than to have to add some. The neck cavity is fairly deep to provide a more secure connection when assembled.

One more new item. I've finally caved and joined Facebook. So you'll see a few more buttons on the front page and within the posts. I tried to keep it as streamlined as possible and will make adjustments as I find out what works and what just gets in the way.


Andy said...

The soccer player sound cool...you really do need swappable heads for your soccer players so you can get all the distinctive hair styles.

Rodrick Campbell said...

Yes, my client sent email yesterday confirming the creation of more figures. I think 8 total bodies and 16 different heads were on his list.

Andy said...

I'll keep an eye out for them!