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Sunday, June 19, 2011

15mm Huts for sale

I finished this set of huts up today and decided that I'd sell them for some Historicon cash. I need to pay for my room, travel and new toys. The set includes: 2 styles of wattle and daub bottom, 1 stone bottom, 1 half stone granary/ treasury bottom, 1 thatched roof to fit all of the bottoms and 1 round stone well.

The whole hut family
Wattle and daub in disrepair
Wattle and daub
These have all been built for resin/ plaster  casting. The materials are PVC pipe, brass wire, styrene plastic and ProCreate putty. The well is a plastic cast I had done a while ago that hasn't found its way into production yet.

If you are interested in purchasing these prototypes for your business, please contact me for details.


phf said...

15mm correct?

Rodrick Campbell said...

Yes, they are 15mm. I put that info in the TMP ad but forgot to place it here, sorry.